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Fidget spinner has been claimed as pacifying toy for autism and ADHD, but since their arrival in the market and the start of a few researches it has been identified that it might not be catering to all the claims that it makes. There are a lot of physical as well as cognition related issues that might be arising from the use of the toy!


Most of all teachers are the most frustrated people because of these spinners. They have reported that children are not at all interested in studying and continue to play with the fidget spinners which is frustrating for them. It does nothing about developing attention or decreasing fidgeting habit in the children. It diverts their attention and does more harm than good.


There now is a rising uproar from parents because of the harmful effects it can have on the children. The current packaging of the toy does not come with any kind of warning or security label though it contains elements that can be eaten by kids. There have been incidents reported. In one case where the girl died due to choking on the ball bearing that got released when the girl was chewing it in her mouth. There was also an incident when a boy lost his eye due to the spinner going and hitting him in the eye. The spinner has releasable parts and even then, it is not mentioned on the packaging of the spinner.


It is not a toy for children and this is what parents are realizing after a few mishaps. They are protesting the fact that the packaging should contain warning labels so that necessary precautions can be taken to avoid damage or even death.


It is very addictive and parents feel that this is leading their children to procrastination and ultimately making them lazier than ever. There is no requirement of any kind of physical activity and hence, even if it helps in getting the kids off the tablet mania it is new addiction that has nothing positive about it.


The toy is said to help in getting rid of the negative energy of the person spinning the Fidget Spinner, but it does nothing more than creating a rhythmic sensation in the hands. The Fidget spinner is listed as the most favorite toy and it seems that it is here to stay.


Parents should offer their kids these spinners under supervision so that they do not have to face any difficult or dangerous situations. Kids elder than the mentioned ages should be advised to use it carefully and avoid showing tricks that might ultimately harm them. There are few tricks that are very popular in the playground:


Kids spin it on their nose and on foreheads, there is always the chance that it might slip and hurt the eyes.


These fidget spinners are thrown as Frisbees. These spinning fidget spinners can hurt badly or a ball bearing might get lose and hurt!